Returns Policy


VMR Truck Parts Returns Policy

Other than where the Customer has a statutory right to rescind or terminate an order which right cannot be excluded by agreement, the Customer is not entitled to cancel or suspend any order unless VGA agrees in writing and subject to any conditions imposed by VGA with respect to compensation of costs and lost profit or otherwise. VGA may in its discretion agree to accept the return of Goods, subject to the Following conditions- (a) the Customer must request VGA accept the return within 30 days of invoice by written notice accurately identifying the Goods by invoice number and date; (b) the Goods must be promptly returned to VGA at the Customer’s expense in original unmarked condition and in the same undamaged packing material and with all documentation such as instruction sheets (Goods which are rejected by VGA will be reshipped to the Customer at the Customer's risk and expense); (c) the returned Goods shall be at the Customer’s risk until received by VGA; and (d) the credit granted by VGA to the Customer for the return of the goods shall be equivalent to the amount paid payable for the goods by the Customer less 10% for handling and any other of the aforementioned costs.


VMR Grading Information


A Class

A Class – 6 Months Warranty
Graded at 60% of new condition

B Class

A Class – 3 Months Warranty
Graded at 40% of new condition