Why Your Wheels Matter More Than You Think

Date Posted:30 April 2018 

There are many things you should consider to make sure your truck runs safely and smoothly. This includes proper wheel installation as it affects steering response. With proper alignment, you can prolong your tyre’s service life, maximise your vehicle’s fuel economy, and avoid major road accidents.

Tyres and wheels can easily become misaligned due to bad driving habits and difficult road conditions. Once they’re out of alignment, your truck may suddenly steer to the left or right, which not only causes unnecessary wear but also puts you in a risky situation.

When it’s time to change your wheels, it’s important to use quality truck parts. Here’s how to handle installation.

Handling a Wheel Change

Most trucks today come with disc wheels featuring 5 to 10 studs. Exercise caution when removing all the wheel nuts to avoid damaging the thread. If the wheel got stuck onto a hub assembly, use a rubber mallet and hit the inner rim flange as you pull it out.

Clean the studs, threads, and mounting surfaces thoroughly. You may then lubricate the nut and flange, as well as the outer end of the stud threads. It’s essential that you apply the proper manual handling methods when installing the replacement wheel on the hub.

Chances are, you won’t have an accurate torque wrench, making it challenging to tighten the nuts. The key here is to fit the nuts finger-tight. With the right tightening sequence, put enough tension to place the wheel on the hub. To ensure proper installation, inspect the nuts with a wheel brace after travelling about 100km.

If your truck has spider wheels, loosen the hex nuts until they no longer touch the rim clamps. Then, strike the wedges with a hammer from a safe distance to avoid getting hit from the possible trajectory. Finally, you may remove the nuts, wheel, and spacer band.

Similar to disc wheels, it’s vital to clean the involved truck parts prior to installation. Place the spacer against the inner rit and fit it tightly over the cast spokes. You may then fasten the wedges and tighten hex wheel nuts in an even manner. This way, the spacer band stays aligned.

Reminders on Pre-Installation

Before you replace your wheels, park your truck on a level surface suitable for jacking. If you’re changing them on road verges, don’t forget to use safety warning equipment. Then, make sure your truck is secured with park brake and chocks. Always refer to manufacturer recommendations when it comes to jack placement.

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