Replacing Engines and Truck Parts

Date Posted:29 June 2018 

At some point in any vehicle’s lifespan, parts and components surrender to wear and tear, even when the vehicle has been maintained and serviced well. This poses a challenge particularly to business owners with a fleet of trucks, as any repair is a downtime for business.

Fortunately, when this happens, there are many options for an engine or parts replacement, instead of just getting a new part entirely. When you go to your trusted truck parts specialist, you may be offered to get used, rebuilt, or remanufactured parts. Here are what you need to know before making the decision.



Used parts are those that have been pulled out from previously working vehicles. They usually come with a Caveat Emptor or “buyer beware” disclaimer, but they do have their place in vehicle repair. Choosing to repair your truck with used quality truck parts has to be done with thorough part inspection, only with a trusted truck parts supplier, and serviced by a highly skilled technician. This may be the least expensive among the replacement options, however, this may also only provide a shortest term fix.



Rebuilding an engine or component, say, for example, transmission, involves replacing the worn or damaged component or part and keeping the rest of the part untouched. This is a common choice when a specific part is the cause of vehicle failure and it’s unnecessary to replace the other parts without any issue. The faulty part is then serviced back to utmost condition according to the manufacturer’s standard. Whether this can be achieved or not depends on the degree of damage to the part and the skill of the technician working on it.



When an engine or part is remanufactured, it is completely disassembled and every component is inspected, cleaned, and then tested to the original manufacturer’s standards. Heavy truck parts that have been worn too much are then replaced and the rest are reconditioned to technical specifications. This can get your engine or component the closest to being brand new but not as costly. This can be the best option for different parts and components are equally subjected to wear and tear, but among the replacement options, this may cost the most.



There is no one formula in deciding which among your options is the best for your vehicle. Determine your plan by considering the age of your vehicle and an estimate of how far it is in its lifespan. Consider your budget, needs, and if you’re looking for long term, short term, or just an immediate fix to get by the downtime of having your truck off the road.

The best way to determine the best option for you is to communicate your goals with your trusted supplier and service provider. They may offer longer guarantees, most-cost effective services, and the best repair for your vehicle.

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